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Lacef Foundation was formed in 2015 by the Senegambian community base in Leeds United Kingdom, and our representatives in the Gambia, the foundation was operating as an society association for two years then registered as a charity in 2017 in United kingdom and the Gambia, the aim and objective of the foundation is to relieve poverty. The major causes of poverty are illiteracy , rapid population growth, lack of skills , poor health , limited access to production inputs , drought , insufficient household labour, the levelling effect of external extended household system (shared poverty ) are the attitudes of the people including fatalism and superstition, low awareness of the political process. These are all compounded to limited access to financial institutions. Poverty is more pronounced in the North bank, lower river and upper river division in the Gambia.

The formation of Lacef foundation is to tackle poverty through the provision of educational support to less privilege students in higher and tertiary institutions in the form of bursaries and by extension provide institutional support to higher learning institutions to improve people’s awareness,
Lacef foundation is currently sponsoring nursery, primary, secondary and adult education in the Gambia.

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